As part of its welfare initiatives designed to enable the active engagement of its workforce in community support efforts, Costa Cruises has launched an employee volunteering program, whereby the company’s employees can choose to volunteer their time during normal working hours to assist non-profit projects and do community service.
The program is structured to take full advantage of the very wide range of skills possessed by Costa’s pool of human resources both in the shoreside offices and on board ship. It concentrates on strengthening the company’s links with the local communities in its ports of call by sharing know-how and competencies in an area like the cruise industry, which is extremely diversified and comprises expertise both in tourism (hospitality, entertainment, food & catering etc.) and in seafaring.

To date, over 60 employees have taken part, working with not-for-profit organizations and associations and providing their skills, passion and time in order to help carry out a number of community support projects.