Emergency food assistance for those local communities most in need and supplies of Personal Protective Equipment for doctors and nurses.  Cruising may have come to a temporary standstill but Costa continues to operate proactively so as to provide community support also – and particularly – in this very complicated period.

Through its well-established partnerships with the Banco Alimentare network, charities and local authorities, Costa has been able to donate a total of around 30 tonnes of surplus food to the most vulnerable in our community, who are facing “a crisis within a crisis” as Covid-19 hits hunger hotspots.

Costa Pacifica in La Spezia, Costa Fortuna in Brindisi, Costa Luminosa in Savona and Costa Smeralda in Marsiglia have all donated bread, cold cuts, cheese, flour, jam, honey, baby food and other products, respectively, to the La Spezia-Sarzana-Brugnato parish charity Caritas, to the #BRINDISISOLIDALE network – comprising the Municipality of Brindisi, the local Caritas Vicariale and the city’s Red Cross Committee – and to several Ligurian charities, including the Savona Caritas Diocesana.

The Company also decided to express its gratitude tangibly to the heroes on the front lines by providing doctors, nurses and other Italian health care workers with PPE.

40,000 masks, 5000 gloves, 1000 protective kits, 100 pairs of goggles and 200 hazmat suits were donated to the ASL 2 Local Health Authority in Savona and to San Martino Hospital in Genoa under an agreement with the Ligurian Regional Administration.  Also, 5000 medical masks and 500 high filtration efficiency masks were sent to the Municipality of Fiumicino for delivery to local health professionals.  Last but not least, 10,000 masks, 1250 gloves, 250 full protection kits and 25 pairs of goggles were donated to the Tuscan Regional Administration for subsequent distribution in that region, with particular regard to the municipalities of Piombino, Pisa and Vaglia/Florence.

Costa’s commitment to helping local communities continues – in novel ways but always with the aim of being there for those facing hardship, meeting the needs of local people in the communities in around the fleet’s ports of call.