The Foundation is widely recognized as a center promoting excellence and cutting-edge research in the fields of science, preventive medicine and health promotion & enhancement, with special attention to ethics and freedom of the individual. It also promotes the professional specialization of the brightest academics engaged in scientific studies by funding annual scholarships (158 in 2015) for brilliant researchers working in the best universities and research centers all over Italy, in oncology, cardiology, neuroscience and disease prevention.

Costa has decided to support Pink is good. More specifically, the project the Foundation is focusing on will be providing funding each year for 20 breast cancer researchers.

Costa Cruises will back the project by funding a scholarship for Federica Foglietta, a deserving young researcher who has a Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Turin, and who will be testing the effects of a breast cancer chemotherapy drug conveyed via nanoparticles and using three-dimensional models of breast tumor.

The PINK is Good campaign will be supported in October also on board the ships in the Costa fleet deployed in the Mediterranean with the involvement of our guests in a number of entertaining and educational activities, ranging from a costume party soirée to a marathon on deck ….as well as other “pink” highlights all through the week.