Friday, February 1 a contest for young chefs brought to a conclusion the educational project Share a Meal, promoted by Knorr. Costa backed this project together with Ballarini, Unilever Food Solutions and the institutional partner World Food Programme Italia. Our joint objective was to help fight food waste.

First prize was won by the original anti-waste recipe Fiore di riso,devised by students from Paolo Frisi High School in Milan, who will thus have the chance to take part in an exclusive PCTO (Italian school-to-work transition scheme) program on board a Costa ship as well as in an orientation course at Villa Figoli, Costa’s Academy of Advanced Training for Shipboard Hotel Services. The winning entry was one of 300 submitted by students from 100 hotel management schools.

The cooking show at the end of the competition was held only a few days before the 6th National Day of Action against Food Waste, and significantly for Costa Cruises, on the first anniversary of the launch of our 4GoodFood program, which makes a commitment to halve food waste by 2020 across the fleet.

4GoodFood is a far-reaching integrated project, and a first for global shipping, ranging from a review of the process of preparation of dishes and of the food experience to the management of surplus food and actively engaging our guests and crew members so as to secure their direct involvement in the supreme global challenge aimed at reversing current trends.

Institutions, businesses and consumers are working side-by-side to rise to this challenge. They are prioritizing the need to sensitize younger generations so as to tackle the future together with heightened awareness.