Costa Cruises has been working in close cooperation with Savona for about 20 years now and the links have grown stronger over time, turning the Ligurian town into Costa’s main homeport with a state-of-the-art cruise passenger facility. In line with the industrial plan developed jointly, the “growth spurt” has led to Savona becoming Italy’s fourth busiest cruise port. The cooperation with the town of Savona and the local Port Authority, the Coast Guard and indeed the townspeople is characterized by continuous dialogue and the sincere sharing of values and objectives. The approach is practical and carefully structured, in terms of both infrastructural planning and hospitality for cruise passengers, with a long-term plan that is set to shape the future here for some time to come. The purpose-built cruise Palacrociere, which comprises two terminals and cost a combined amount of approximately 14 million euros, led to the redevelopment of the port area and the creation of a waterfront with residential blocks, shops and many other facilities.
The significant effect on the local economy brings benefits for many businesses, particularly those related to tourism and associated services.
The Savona Palacrociere currently handles 236 calls with over 1 million passenger movements a year. This has led to the creation of jobs for local people: of the 150 people employed to provide assistance to passengers and the safe management of transfers and shore tours, virtually all are residents of Savona. These impressive results are expected to be followed by further growth in the years to come.

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