One of the distinctive characteristics of Costa Cruises is its ability to offer its resources for the benefit of communities, which it is now doing once again for its local area.

Courtesy of an agreement with the local Savona health authority, promoted by the Region of Liguria with the help of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, the Port Captaincy, the Customs Agency, the Border Police, U.M.A.A.F., and the Municipality of Savona, the Palacrociere cruise terminal will be used for the entire Covid-19 vaccination campaign, becoming one of the permanent vaccine administration sites organised by the Savona local health authority.

The campaign started on 14 February 2021 with “Silver Vaccine Day” for the over-80s promoted by the Region of Liguria.


The Palacrociere vaccination centre was set up on the ground floor of the second terminal, covering an area of approximately 1,500 square metres, with a capacity to vaccinate 600 people a day, helping to distribute the vaccine in the Savona area in an effective way.

Compliance with the health and sanitisation measures adopted by the local health authority and the facilities already on offer and used by Costa Cruises for its passengers ensure that total safety is the number one priority.


The operation is the result of the long-standing relationships between the various stakeholders and of resource optimisation, with the aim of increasing sustainability.