The idea of combining beauty care and care for the environment underpins Costa’s decision to add the Osmè line of products to its complimentary toiletries on board.

Based on the antioxidant and nourishing properties of Aloe Barbadensis (95% of Osmè’s ingredients are of natural origin), this line of products is certified by Ecocert, it complies with Cosmobio standards and it fits in with our focus on products made according to the principles of sustainable management of the supply chain.

100% Italian made, the Osmè product line makes no use whatsoever of synthetic fragrances and dyes, petroleum-based ingredients or GMOs. All Osmè cosmetics are highly biodegradable and are made without paraben, SLS, SLES, EDTA, HEDP and BHT. Scented primarily with botanical essential oils, the entire range has been engineered to minimize any environmental impact; Osmè’s output is the result of the constant pursuit of effective product formulas prioritizing environmental compliance and the sustainability of raw materials. Products are clinically tested, nickel tested and suitable for vegans without use of animal products in the process or final formulation. The product packaging is made from recyclable materials such as cornstarch and the paper accessories are printed using soy-based ink.