The partnership between Costa Cruises and the food bank charity Fondazione Banco Alimentare for the recovery and redistribution to charity of the excess food produced but not consumed on board Costa’s cruise ships continues to grow: now Naples has become the 10th port to officially join the surplus food donation scheme.

Thus, Costa has added a major new city to its food waste reduction program, which includes the other Italian ports of Savona, Civitavecchia, Bari, Palermo and Genoa, as well as places in France, Spain and the French Antilles. In little more than two years, this project has enabled the distribution of over 140,000 portions of quality food to 12 associations that look after people in need. In Naples, the surplus food is donated by Costa Fascinosa and delivered to the Pope Francis soup kitchen at the Casa del Pellegrino in Pompeii, which provides nourishing meals every day for the poor in the city and environs.

The addition of Naples is another step in Costa Cruises’ groundbreaking 4GOODFOOD project. Approximately 18 months after fleetwide implementation of the program, 4GOODFOOD has already brought about a reduction of more than 35% in food wastage. Costa’s ambitious objective of halving shipboard food waste by 2020 is now very much within reach!