Continuous training, acknowledgement of performance and the fostering of talent in all its forms: these are the cornerstones of professional growth in Costa Cruises. In this context, basic training of our shipboard Officers is managed directly by ongoing planning of specific programs in partnership with leading maritime training institutes.
Our collaboration with the Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile plays a key role in this respect. The Merchant Marine Naval Academy, which has a reputation for excellent teaching, is in charge of the management of structured training paths, refresher courses, continuous education and managerial and operational skills. Thanks to our solid, long-standing partnership with the Accademia, Costa Cruises provides training each year for about 80 Engine Officers and the same number of Deck Officers. The syllabus is very rigorous and is designed to provide future Officers with the best possible training and specialization in all areas of maritime education. Eligibility to attend the most highly specialized courses offered by the Academy depends on the result of an entrance examination.

Tuition consists of both theory and practice. The former, divided into theory modules, is taught in the classroom with cutting-edge teaching aids (including a bridge simulator with a radar workstation and a vessel stability simulator). On the other hand, practical skills are honed at sea (three 4-month periods of seagoing service per person), this being the most important part of the training path insofar as trainees get hands-on experience and are able to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom.

By the time they have completed their training, the Cadet Officers are highly skilled and qualified with specializations in various professional fields, ready to embark on a career in shipping and to join Costa Cruises’ pool of shipboard personnel.

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