Costa Cruises has always had a positive influence on communities by means of philanthropy and support of local charitable organizations. Resources are assigned taking into account the social significance of the initiative concerned and the possibility of direct involvement of our employees in associated volunteer activities. To this end we have worked on the development of specific guidelines for the definition of a list of priorities on which to focus our commitment now and in the future. With the aim of consolidating our relations with the local communities in ports of call around the world and making our fleet members roving ambassadors for corporate social responsibility, Costa Cruises provides support for a number of community-based projects run by non-profit organizations in Europe and beyond. These initiatives, which typically have local roots and whose organizers choose Costa as a partner on account of our reputation for corporate accountability and ethical practices, involve the proactive engagement of our crew members. For example, the Costa Magica, on one of her scheduled Caribbean cruises, paid a visit to the Niños de Cristo Orphanage at La Romana (Dominican Republic). Entertainers from the ship performed and organized games, while chefs from the Magica cooked for the children, thus giving these youngsters a wonderful day full of surprises and excitement. The Costa neoClassica hosted young guests from the “Foyer Sainte Famille” orphanage in Diego Suarez, Madagascar, with crew members staging a show for them and sharing afternoon tea together. Meanwhile the Costa neoClassica donated furnishings in good condition but no longer required on board to Obra Social de Acogida y Desarrollo in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), an association for marginalized people, with a brief to help them get their lives back on track.

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