Water has always been vital for life on Earth and protection of water resources is becoming an increasingly urgent issue for the survival of future generations. Responsible water management is a pillar of Costa’s sustainability strategy. This is the background to the Water4life Project at the 2017 edition of the Giffoni Film Festival, designed in particular to help sensitize the younger generations, i.e. the target audience of this festival dedicated to the next generation of movie lovers.

The project revolves around the installation of Water4life drinking fountains at strategic points around the Cittadella del Cinema venue, where people attending the festival will be able to drink responsibly while reflecting on the subject of wastage. Total water requirements for festival goers during the ten days of screenings has been calculated in advance based on forecast average daily consumption; there will be an official countdown on the video wall in the main entrance so as to monitor the gradual use of water with the goal of consuming no more than the amount predicted or, better still, making a substantial saving.

This is the first call to action​ of this kind ever mounted at the Campania film festival. The aim is to raise the awareness of the public to the importance of responsible water management. This sensitization project is set to become a regular part of the Giffoni Festival, the idea being to test and increase young people’s sense of responsibility when it comes to water conservation; after all, it is only a matter of time before the younger generations will find themselves confronted with fundamental questions such as how to limit consumption and reduce wastage.