For a company like ours, leveraging the power of diversity and promoting workplace inclusion at all levels is not just an obligation but also an opportunity – something to build and capitalize on. In this context, having employees from 70 different countries means that Costa Cruises can draw on a uniquely rich pool of human resources, thus impacting positively on customers, the product and service. For this reason, the induction and integration of new hires (especially shipboard new hires) are managed very closely with the objective of encouraging each person to make their own individual contribution so as to capitalize on the great cultural diversity and wealth of professional experience of our workforce. The multicultural dimension of the crew and the inclusive approach to human resources management are vital assets for a business based on offering hospitality. We are well aware of the fact that an inclusive work environment for our staff means better and more efficient customer care: indeed, the cultural diversity of the guests on board Costa Cruises ships is always respected, valued and interpreted as an opportunity for service development.
To further sensitize people to the need to value diversity and so as to exchange notes with other entities actively pursuing these issues, the company started working together with the global inclusion groups Valore D and Parks liberi e uguali, under the direction of Stephane Codeluppi, Shipboard Development – Costa’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager. The set objective of these important partnerships is to raise awareness throughout the organization – partly by means of specific courses – of the benefits stemming from a corporate culture of diversity management, so as to dispel stereotypes regarding age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability and gender relations.
The partnership with Valore D, the first association of large companies formed in Italy in order to support women’s leadership in the corporate world, is directed at the creation of a professional growth plan helping women in management positions in Costa Cruises to pursue their careers and develop their talents. The other alliance, with the non-profit organization Parks liberi e uguali, a group which favors inclusion and respect with a special focus on the right to non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, led to the introduction of a training program dealing with support for and recognition of the rights of all people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. These are two key projects for our strategic commitment to promoting a work environment in which all Costa Cruises employees have the right to freely express their identity and fulfill their potential.

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