Costa is one dynamic world on the move within another. It’s a world where diversity – of nationality, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief and professional skills – is regarded as a priceless asset to be safeguarded insofar as it helps make the guest’s onboard experience extra-special.

The ship is a floating city staffed by a workforce that speaks 35 languages and comprises 150 different types of jobs; it’s a setting that combines the voices, colors, flavors, ideas, beliefs, values and traditions of many countries.

Accordingly, Costa stresses the value of diversity and works to ensure that all its people are an integral part of an inclusive and stimulating ecosystem, where no form of discrimination is accepted.

More specifically, by means of partnerships with experts in the field of inclusion, Costa implements specific programs designed to enhance and capitalize on the great diversity of an organization whose specificity is based on bringing together and integrating people from all over the world. Examples include: Genderenergy, a training and mentoring program aimed at fostering female talent and leadership while reducing the gender gap, which was set up in 2017 in collaboration with the associations Valore D and Parks liberi e uguali; an online course called Embracing Diversity, devised in conjunction with Milan Polytechnic and exploring the role of gender and sexual orientation in the world of work; Costa’s Disability Awareness program promoting best practices guaranteeing the right to equality for people with disabilities; and initiatives celebrating diverse cultural and religious traditions, so as to promote awareness and mutual respect among crew members and cruise guests alike. Each Costa ship is a city that welcomes and respects the needs of its employees like those of its guests, making everyone feel at home while carrying them far and wide.