One of Costa Cruises’ top priorities is bridge management training; bridge Officers take part in permanent ongoing training so as to guarantee their professional growth and continuous development.
The finest bridge and technical Officer maritime training experience anywhere is offered at CSMART, a facility located in Almere, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Carnival Corporation & plc established this sophisticated training complex, which each year trains 4000 deck and engine Officers from the Corporation’s 9 companies and is staffed by expert instructors. CSMART has cutting-edge technology to enhance the training experience with entire berth to berth operations (in port, in fairways and at sea) as well as tools to aid critical thinking and decision-making – notably two full mission bridge simulators, six part task simulators and one full mission Engine Control Room, mathematical models of the main ports and specially designed flat screen panels.
The operator can quickly and easily change sea and weather conditions, while the simulator provides a visual environment and instrument training that hones participants’ ship handling skills in any kind of situation. It also helps them improve as members of the bridge management team by fostering problem solving and the ability to deal with an emergency. This state-of-the-art training is crucial in terms of the safety of navigation and protection of the marine environment.

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