The new flagship of the fleet has joined Costa’s surplus food donation program.

Costa Smeralda is stepping in for Costa Diadema in the solidarity scheme set up in collaboration with the European Federation of Food Banks and its Italian branch Banco Alimentare.

Consequently, the top quality food with great nutritional value prepared but not served in the new ship’s restaurants will be offloaded in the ports of Savona, Civitavecchia, Barcelona and Marseille. Banco Alimentare volunteers will deliver it to local associations providing assistance to those in need: people in critical socio-economic situations at risk of marginalization, the elderly, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds at risk of social exclusion.

From the dining areas on Costa Smeralda, the excellent dishes created for guests by the shipboard chefs will be sent straight to the charities L’Ancora in Varazze, La Repubblica dei Ragazzi in Civitavecchia, La Fundació Acollida i Esperança in Barcelona and La Fondation de l'Armée du Salut in Marseille.

Since its inception in July 2017, this project, the only one of its kind in the global shipping industry, has led to the distribution of over 160,000 meals to 17 different charitable organizations in 11 ports around the world.

For Costa this is an extraordinary opportunity, enabling the creation of a special relationship between ship and shore; this way we forge links with the local communities in the ports of call, tackling poverty and food wastage while promoting respect for food