“Our destinations are not simply places to visit, but gatherings of people with identities, history, culture. They are communities. It's our job to understand their essence, so that we can appreciate their uniqueness and safeguard their future.”

These are just a few excerpts from the Costa Manifesto for value-based, sustainable and inclusive tourism, which for the first time in the cruise sector groups together Costa's guiding principles for behaving virtuously with regard to the people and the environments of the destinations its ships visit.  The Manifesto testifies to our commitment to working together with local communities, authorities, partners, businesses and citizens towards tourism that is based more and more on the principles of value, sustainability and inclusiveness. 

Presented for the first time on 2 July on board Costa Firenze during its official preview, the Manifesto marks the first step on a journey that Costa aims to get institutions, associations, sector businesses and stakeholders to sign up to, so that they can all "join forces", all together. A new step towards increasingly responsible travel.