Costa is continuing to extend its program of donation to charity of surplus food from its ships. We are proud and delighted to announce that two more major Mediterranean ports have joined our surplus food donation scheme: Marseille, where ready-to-eat meals prepared but not served on board the Costa Fascinosa are now offloaded (starting May 19) and Bari, where the Costa Deliziosa is performing the same service (from May 21). This is a big step forward: Bari is the most important Adriatic port and Marseille is France’s main port. The introduction of Marseille also means that this is now an international project.
In the case of Marseille, the meals will be going to Congrégation et Fondation de l'Armée du Salut, which provides medical care, social services, protection and support for children, teenagers and disabled people and serves meals to hundreds of disadvantaged people every day of the year.
The meals landed in Bari will be donated to Fondazione Opera Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano of Bitonto, which has been operating since 1986 to provide – among other things – hospitality for the needy, with health care, meals and shelter for the homeless. The foundation welcomes and feeds about 200 people every day: underprivileged adults and children, HIV patients and women in need.
The initiative began in Savona in July 2017 and was extended to Civitavecchia in December; in its first ten months of operation, the scheme has already enabled the shoreside donation of some 28,700 portions of food with great nutritional value (first courses, meat and fish dishes, vegetables and dessert).
For Costa this is certainly a significant achievement but there is no question of stopping here. The fact that the project has also debuted in France shows that it is effective and can be replicated in any port of call; this is so thanks above all to the cooperation and flexibility of all the stakeholders involved, notably the Customs Office and the local Border Control Public Health & Safety Agency in the respective ports. Costa has reiterated its commitment to launching the surplus food donation initiative – a first for global shipping – internationally by extending it to other ports and destinations in the Mediterranean.