Italy's recent devastating earthquake in the country's mountainous central region shows yet again just how fragile Italian beauty is and how vulnerable the nation's cultural heritage, folklore and traditions are. The township of Amatrice, one of the worst hit by the quake and famous on account of the pasta dish named after the town, epitomizes this fragility and reinforces the message that it is essential to preserve the social fabric of local communities or, in this case, do everything possible so that local identity is retained and there is a gradual return to normality. At Costa Cruises we have decided to support the people affected by the disaster by launching a fund-raising initiative with the involvement of our guests on board our ships. We believe that it is important to involve our guests directly in this campaign so that they can join the effort; to this end we are donating €1 for each serving of Amatriciana pasta on all the ships in our fleet and are inviting our guests to give the same amount. Proceeds will be used to fund a project specially designed to help bring about the recovery of the areas hardest hit. The fund-raising campaign will be managed with the assistance of the Costa Crociere Foundation and all the relevant details regarding the donations and the project will be posted on the Foundation's website.

We are sure that, once again, the generosity of our guests will yield amazing results and that our strength in numbers will enable these small individual donations to add up and make a telling contribution to the rebuilding of the vital heritage of central Italy.