Costa is playing an active part in the far-reaching project for sustainable renewal at the Salone Internazionale del Libro in Turin. The watchwords are inform, share, educate and disseminate. “The Next Step” is the name of thearticolo.jpg initiative which, starting with this year’s edition of the Turin Book Fair, open from May 9 through 13, aims to lay the foundations for the sustainable future of the Salone, with a series of actions and events designed to raise the awareness of both the public and the exhibitors, and to act as a stimulus for responsible, informed choices.

Costa shares this vision and believes in it deeply. Our Sustainability Director Stefania Lallai is a proactive member of the first multi-stakeholder Board of Sustainability associated with an event of this kind. Here, enterprises and organizations from different fields but sharing a determination to work together to achieve the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are pooling their expertise so that the book fair focuses more and more on dissemination of a culture of sustainable development.

In this direction, Costa is showcasing some of its unique projects dealing with sustainability and the circular economy: 4GOODFOOD is effectively bringing about a substantial reduction in food wastage on board our ships while Message in a Can revolves around the recovery and recycling of aluminum. In both cases the priorities are the sensitization and engagement of Costa’s guests and the creation of partnerships.

Saturday, May 11, during this the 32nd edition of the Turin Book Fair, there is an important event open to the general public, with members of the Board of Sustainability discussing the 2030 Agenda goals, what is being done at the moment, the plans for the future involving the Salone, and – above all – how each and every one of us can play our part. Because only by working all together can we take that decisive next step towards a better future.