We work with passion to make sure our guests enjoy a unique, one-of-a-kind experience on board our ships and we accompany them on a voyage of discovery to different places and cultures all over the world. In doing so we are committed to guaranteeing the right connections and to integrating sustainability aspects into the mix whenever possible, with the direct involvement of those who choose a Costa cruise. Based on these principles and on the constant pursuit of innovative solutions interpreting the changing tastes of a certain type of traveler, Costa Cruises created the neoCollection. These itineraries are designed to provide "“"slow cruising”, intended for guests who wish to have an authentic vacation experience during which they can manage their own time more freely. This new style of holiday caters to the demands and preferences of the individual cruiser and gives them the chance to plan their own vacation experience at their own pace and in line with their personal tastes (both on board and ashore). The neoCollection cruises feature longer port calls enabling guests to really discover the spirit of the places visited. The closer ties with the communities in the various destinations are also reflected by the selection of regional dishes added to the menus served on board as expressions of local cultural roots and heritage.
The food&beverage offerings for the neoCollection were devised in collaboration with the Università degli Studi delle Scienze Gastronomiche (UNISG) di Pollenzo ; this comprised the choice of menus and the selection of local chefs, the aim being to convey the authentic taste sensations and foster the culinary traditions of the places on the itineraries of the three neoCollection fleet members: the Costa neoRiviera, Costa neoRomantica and Costa neoClassica. Special attention is placed on the customer experience, linked to knowledge of the destination and its heritage: Costa Cruises’ ongoing dialogue and cooperation with local organizations allows the discovery of exclusive locations featuring splendid natural scenery as well as artistic and cultural attractions. There are more than 360 tours, including 23 to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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