Favoring and promoting healthy eating on board our ships is a vital aspect in designing the food experience for our guests. With this in mind we have been working on the definition of an approach that allows everyone who chooses a Costa Cruises holiday to be inspired by sustainable food models without having to radically change their needs, tastes, traditions or preferences.
Sustainable diets are based on nutritional value and food safety, they are fair and economically accessible and they are essential in terms of optimizing the use of natural resources. As an example of a sustainable diet, FAO cites the Mediterranean diet as an excellent nutritional model with an intake rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish, whole grain foods, cereals, etc. and low on fat from animal products. Pasta is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet; the nutritional value of pasta is internationally recognized – not only does it taste good, but it is good for you and it is sustainable.
Our commitment to promoting on board our ships a healthy lifestyle conveying the values of good nutrition and fostering the best culinary traditions of Italy is entirely in keeping with our determination to make a concrete contribution to sensible eating based on informed decisions. This engagement is reflected in our projects jointly managed with partner suppliers committed to responsible management of the supply chain. One example is “Pasta in Festa” (“Pasta Party”), a weekly event dedicated to the world’s favorite Italian staple held on board our ships. On October 25, to mark World Pasta Day, special dishes will be created by two of the chefs who took part in the Pasta World Championship held by Academia Barilla.
Many activities and events will be arranged on board to convey the nutritional value of the world’s favorite Italian staple.

An integral part of this project is the provision of information for guests on the nutritional value of pasta; a variety of tools and educational materials have been put together to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy, balanced and ecologically aware lifestyle. Also, thanks to the collaboration between our Corporate Chef Stefano Fontanesi and the team of Barilla nutritionists and environmental experts, our guests will be able to choose from a selection of six types of pasta prepared on the spot and two cold pasta dishes, all specifically devised on account of their nutritional properties.