Costa Cruises was one of 12 companies taking part in “Open Innovation for Circularity”, a project promoted by the Sustainability Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy and intended to match the experiences of large enterprises and start-ups with the aim of developing innovative solutions related to the circular economy.

An integral part of the initiative was a special one-day workshop held on November 27 at the Cariplo Factory headquarters in Milan. Here, Costa’s Sustainability Director Stefania Lallai met “one-on-one” some of the 30 start-ups that were selected in response to a call for concrete solutions aimed at accelerating the transition to a circular economy business model.
The event culminated in the awarding of a prize to the start-up with the greatest innovative potential: Glass to Power, based on recovering solar energy from windows.


This ambitious project has triggered a progressive movement which, by means of the positive interaction between large-scale enterprises and small-scale innovators, has the set objective of stimulating the growth of the entire ecosystem and the creation of new opportunities.

It confirms Costa Cruises’ focus on and ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation, also in partnership with other major institutional and corporate players.