As far as circular economy projects are concerned, our pilot project for glass is without doubt one of the most tangible examples and one that best represents the concept of circularity as far as a ship is concerned, in its capacity as a travelling smart city.  Our fleet is equipped with cutting-edge systems for recycling, reusing and recovering materials produced on board; whenever possible, the aim is to ensure the best use is made of secondary raw materials by taking them to ports where recycling is treated seriously, while raising awareness among on-board staff about these issues at the same time. With regard to the issue of recovery, the company is committed to dealing with the disposal of materials by getting the local associations that benefit from this involved, and holding systematic discussions with the relevant stakeholders to assess any plans to further improve efficiency.

The result of adopting this approach is a short-chain project that physically brings the glass that has been unloaded and disposed of glass back on board our ship, thereby assisting the process by which items that can be seen and used by everyone can be made. Therefore the oil bottles used at on-board restaurant and buffet tables were chosen: a simple message that aims to raise awareness amongst our guests about practising responsible consumption.