With the 4GOODFOOD programme, Costa Cruises has put at the center of its sustainable development strategy a path to highlight the value of food on board and to promote responsible consumption.
Unique in the industry on a global level, 4GOODFOOD’s main objective is to reduce 50% of food waste on board of Costa ships, ten years ahead of the 2030 Agenda.

With this programme the company enters to be a part of Friends of Champions 12.3, the network of leading organisations and companies on a global level that are active in halving food waste (Target 12.3).

Champions 12.3 is made of 39 leaders in mobilising companies, institutions, associations to achieve the target 12.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to find solutions and accelerate progress. Parallel to the leaders group, many organizations active in the movement to halve food waste on a global level are united in the network of Friends of Champions 12.3, of which now Costa is part of.

“We are very happy to be a part of Friends of Champions 12.3, we have in common the willingness to make a difference and to mobilise the collectivism on the real value of food. Through the 4GOODFOOD programme we intend to halve food waste and at the same time we ask our guests to pay greater attention to responsible consumption. We have the privilege to host on board of our ships millions of people and for us their engagement is fundamental, since they are firstly citizens of the world. Reducing food loss and waste can generate a triple win: for the economy, for food security, and for the environment”.

-Stefania Lallai, Sustainability and External Relations Director of Costa Cruises

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations call for a global mobilisation to a zero hunger world. They also push to create conditions, which develop an agricultural system that respects the environment, limits the impacts on the decay of soil and climate change and reduces food waste.

Among the more critical problems, in order to achieve a sustainable development, there is surely the production and consumption of food. The exponential growth of the population in the last century has provoked a radical change in the production system, which is always more under pressure, forced to produce always more food at a lower cost with negative impacts on the environment and on people’s wellness.

Every year about 1/3 of all food intended for human consumption is lost or wasted from farm to plate. This huge level of inefficiency has economic, social, and environmental impacts.

  • It results in $940 billion per year in economic losses (to farmers, to companies in the supply chain, to consumers)
    • Food waste in households and restaurants costs an average of $1,500 per year for a family of four in the United States and £700 (about $1,060) per year for the average household with children in the United Kingdom
  • It hinders the world’s ability to adequately feed those who are hungry and undernourished
    • While 800 million people—one in nine globally—are undernourished, more than a billion tons of food never make it to the table

Food that is ultimately lost or wasted:

  • Consumes about 1/4 of all water used by agriculture
  • Requires cropland area the size of China
  • Generates about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually

In fact, if food loss and waste were a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet behind China and the United States

The 12.3 target specifically addresses the topic of food waste. The 12.3 goal aims at halving food waste on all levels from production, to retail and to consumption by 2030.

Champions 12.3 cooperate to communicate and demonstrate innovative and efficient strategies for the reduction of food waste, such as for instance the following initiatives:

  • The UN’s SAVE FOOD and Think.Eat.Save initiatives
  • Efforts such as EU FUSIONS and the global Food Loss & Waste Protocol
  • Private sector action like the Consumer Goods Forum’s Food Waste Resolution

A full list of Champions 12.3 and Friends of Champions 12.3 is available here.