On board our ships we adopt a healthy approach to food for guests and crew members and promote a sustainable food model. A balanced diet based on informed decisions is an essential prerequisite for the good health not only of the individual but also of the planet as a whole. For this reason, in Costa Cruises we implemented a review of our food&beverage service focusing on several key objectives: strengthening of the links with the different local communities in the ports of callnutritional value of the diet and eco-sustainability of ingredients. Implementation began on the Costa Diadema in collaboration with the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche and also with the involvement of partner suppliers committed to responsible management of the supply chain.
The new menus were devised in order to foster local culinary traditions with sourcing of local ingredients. Accordingly, priority is given to supplies of fresh food (mainly fruit, vegetables and fish) in the different ports of call. 15% of this produce is purchased locally, thus bringing about a substantial reduction in the impact generated by logistics activities. The selection of products used to make the dishes served on board is also based on a commitment to preserve and protect certain species (e.g. marine species such as the red fin tuna) and to avoid any kind of unsustainable farming practices or negative impact on local water supplies where water is a scarce resource.


Costa Cruises brings on board the very best Italian traditions and a corollary of this is the commitment to foster the values associated with healthy eating. Indeed, the Italian culinary tradition is the best ambassador for the Mediterranean diet with an intake rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grain foods, cereals, fish, nuts etc. and low on fat from animal products. The benefits in terms of health in general and the prevention of chronic diseases in particular have been demonstrated in numerous international scientific studies. In addition, the Mediterranean diet is good for the environment and goes way beyond the simple concept of food.
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