Water is an essential building block of life but it is a limited resource and one that must be protected. March 22 is World Water Day. Climate change, global warming and population growth make it increasingly urgent to address the water crisis. According to the Unite Nations, around 4 billion people experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year and over 700 million people worldwide could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030.

In the context of our commitment to sustainable development, Costa Cruises prioritizes the protection and correct management of water resources.

For years now, we have been committed to a gradual increase in the amount of water produced directly on board our ships. Thanks to the use of special desalination plants, we currently produce 70% of the water we use on board from seawater. Our objective by taking on and processing seawater is to soon be totally self-sufficient for potable water. In ports or regions experiencing water scarcity or restrictions, our fresh water sourcing patterns are modified in order to avoid impacting local water supplies in times of water shortages. Last but not least, we make concerted efforts to reduce consumption, partly by reviewing certain activities and processes on board and partly by securing the engagement of our guests and crew, encouraging them to conserve water every day; to this end, we have conducted a special Stop the Drop campaign on our ships to promote water efficiency practices. Water is a finite resource and together we can do an ocean of things to conserve it – not only on board but also at home.