The pursuit and gradual implementation of cutting-edge technical solutions to reduce air emissions and improve air quality is one of the main objectives of our clean power plan. Significant mitigation of pollutants such as sulfur, nitrogen oxide and particulates is a challenge faced by global shipping. Well aware of our responsibility, we chose to play an active part in the creation of a system designed to reduce this type of emissions.
Costa Cruises cooperated with Carnival Corporation on the project for the production of ECO Exhaust Gas Cleaning (ECO-EGCTM) technology, a filtering system designed to remove major pollutants from the exhaust gases irrespective of the ship’s operating condition – at sea, during maneuvering and in port. The ECO-EGCTM system incorporates a two-pronged mechanism – one that uses filters that decrease particulates from the ship’s engine emissions and another that uses seawater to “scrub” sulfur compounds from the exhaust gases – and the investment in this industry-leading technology will set a new course in environmental protection and cleaner air for years to come.
The cutting-edge technology involved is the first in the world to guarantee (using the one chemical filtration system) removal of 90-99% of emissions (NOx, SOx and particulates). NOx is treated by means of a catalytic removal system, while soot and residual fuel are removed from the exhaust gases by means of a filter. Meanwhile, SOx is removed directly by the filter without the use of additives. At the same time, the system can reduce emissions of CO2 and unburned hydrocarbons by up to 70% and 85%, respectively.
The ECO Exhaust Gas Cleaning System is currently being installed on 7 Costa Cruises ships and will gradually be introduced fleetwide.