Shipping and noise pollution can cause problems for marine life in general and sperm whales in particular. Costa Cruises, which has always been in the front line of activities to safeguard the marine environment, is extremely interested in whale protection programs.
One such initiative in which Costa is involved is “Whalesafe”, a project for conservation of sperm whales, co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE+ Program with the involvement of partners including the Università degli Studi di Genova, Costa Edutainment, Genoa Maritime Directorate, Savona Harbour Master’s Office and Softeco.
The main objective of Whalesafe is to implement monitoring tools and a Protocol of Conduct so as track sperm whales, detect risks and prevent collisions. The partnership with Costa Cruises includes a number of initiatives designed to raise the awareness of guests on board, with screening of a video dealing with the project and educational activities for kids as part of the program at the Squok Club. Here, children will be able to play and at the same time learn to recognize the different species of whales that live in the Pelagos Sanctuary, a marine protected area of approximately 90,000 km² that was created in the Mediterranean in 2001. Whale sightings are common occurrences in this stretch of water between south-east France, Sardinia and Tuscany. Costa has already adopted best practices in order to prevent whale strikes. Our ship’s Officers take part in a Whale Protection Training Program so they can make any necessary course and speed adjustments, and notify appropriate shoreside authorities.