The world’s seas and oceans with their flora and fauna influence the global ecosystem as a whole, and all life on the planet depends on them. Careful management of these fundamental resources is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development. In Costa’s food&wine experience, fish plays an important role, featuring in many of the dishes served on board every year. In view of this, the Company undertakes to select partners that are particularly committed to protection of the marine environment, this being part of the pathway to sustainability.

Accordingly, Costa has chosen the Camanchaca fishing company in Chile as one of its suppliers and, consequently, their Atlantic salmon will be prepared in galleys across the fleet. Camanchaca exports to more than 50 countries and its fish is farmed in the pristine, glacial waters of the fjords and canals in the 10th and 11th regions of Patagonia, respecting the balance of the marine environment and the principles of sustainability and transparency, especially with regard to product traceability.

Camanchaca became the world’s first salmon producer to earn four stars for the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s (GAA) Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. This standard, which is highly valued by consumers, retailers and food service operators throughout the world, guarantees that salmon production is performed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and is safe for human consumption.

Camanchaca is also a founding member of the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), an alliance representing approximately 50% of the world’s farmed salmon production. This initiative recognizes the role that salmon farming can play in satisfying the growing global demand for healthy proteins in a sustainable manner over the next few decades. All this is in line with Goal 2 of Agenda 2030, which emphasizes the urgent need for sustainable solutions to end hunger in all its forms and for the widespread promotion of sustainable food production systems.

The addition of sustainable suppliers to our supply chain is key to making progress on the path to the integration of sustainability in our business model and this is something Costa has been focusing on for years.