The sea is Costa’s lifeblood and, accordingly, the Company considers that the scale of plastic pollution and its impact on the health of the oceans is a planetary crisis and an issue of vital importance. By means of a path of tangible actions, today Costa is more committed than ever to reducing the use of plastic both on board and shoreside.


A lot has already been done. As early as 2003, single-use plastic items previously used on board were replaced by products made from more easily disposed of biodegradable, compostable material (cups, plates and straws) or wood (cutlery and toothpicks). These are just some of the many measures that allow us to “make the difference”. For example, 83% of the yogurt in the buffet is served in dispensers or open bowls rather than in pots. Throw-away plastic amenity bottles and caps in guest cabins were replaced by soap & shampoo dispensers way back in 2000. Additionally, the Company only uses cosmetics and spa products if they do not contain microplastics. The same applies to cleaning products used on board, which are supplied by a firm that specializes in low environmental impact technologies and products. Where possible, Costa tries to reuse packaging, food containers and so on. Excluding the portion recovered directly for reuse, currently 22.48% of the plastic used on board is discharged in port facilities and sent for recycling.


Costa’s use of plastic is managed by applying the 4-Rs principle: Replace, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Part and parcel of the commitment in this regard is the training and engagement of all the crew, coupled with the aim of sensitizing and inspiring more than two million guests a year.