An integral part of our energy-saving plan is the pursuit of low environmental impact solutions for the lighting on all the ships in our fleet and in the Genoa headquarters. This includes the complete replacement of existing light globes with low power consumption LED lamps both on board and in our shoreside offices. The project, which has now been completed, enabled Costa Cruises to achieve energy savings of around 80%. Over 450,000 globes were replaced using a range of solutions differing according to the area of the ship and the type of lighting required; this was done gradually and entailed a considerable amount of work, including assessment of the best technical choices for each shipboard space. Our partnership with Philips (involved in the fitting-out of 10 ships in the fleet and the installation of 300,000 LED lamps) led to a rethink of shipboard lighting design tout court. In addition to actualizing our commitment to significantly reducing the impact generated, the transition to longer-lasting LED light bulbs is also consistent with Costa Cruises’ determination to provide soft, comfortable light on board. The introduction of LED technology also has important applications with regard to catering and food safety. The use of LEDs in food service areas enhances the appeal and preservation of the food on display because this technology does not generate heat or ultraviolet radiation.

This initiative between two companies both concerned about contributing to a better environment is a further step forward on Costa Cruises’ path to sustainability. Costa Cruises Sustainability and PR Director Stefania Lallai
We are proud to have brought Philips’ experience and solutions to such a technologically advanced project. Through this intervention Philips is furthering the LED revolution with technology that offers a significant reduction in environmental impacts compared to traditional lighting systems. Philips Lighting IIG Professional Commercial Director Roberto Brambilla