Costa Cruises’ top priority is to protect the environment of Giglio Island and to restore to the local community its natural terrestrial heritage and marine environment. This tangible commitment is set to continue for another five years after completion of the salvage operation. Work in this regard includes removal of the temporary structures installed in support of the project, cleaning and restoration of the sea bed and ongoing monitoring of the stretch of sea concerned.
To deal with the environmental protection issues arising from the project, Costa Cruises – with the full agreement of all the interested parties – immediately entered into partnership agreements with leading Italian universities and research institutes. As a result, Giglio Island is one of the most closely monitored areas anywhere in the Mediterranean. The analysis conducted has yielded very positive results, indicating that the state of the water at the island is good, in line with Tuscany’s territorial waters generally, and that no damage has been sustained by the marine ecosystem outside the area of the former worksite.
The US$85 million marine environment restoration project, which began in November 2014, was entrusted to Micoperi S.p.A. after a careful selection procedure. The project involves the total dismantling of the wreck removal site (platforms and associated structures as well as material deposited on the sea bed during the work). It is divided into 6 phases with the objective of guaranteeing continuous monitoring of the state of health of the marine environment.