Starting in June our ships will be available for the CNR (Italian National Research Council) for use as facilities to support the scientific research network run by the prestigious institute. Our partnership with the CNR is based on our joint commitment to sustainability in general and protection of the marine environment in particular.

Our joint efforts will focus on the development and detailed study of particularly important oceanography and marine science topics. The CNR researchers will be assisted by our shipboard staff. In this first phase, the research will focus on the collection of data (temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen) by means of continuous monitoring of the stretches of sea on the routes sailed by our ships and the results will be used to study climate change in the Mediterranean.
Special monitoring units will also be set up on board in order to enable daytime sightings of whales and dolphins so as to study their behavior and migration.

An integral part of the framework agreement (signed for the period 2016 - 2020) is the development of joint dissemination and awareness raising initiatives regarding respect for the marine environment and related issues. Costa’s guests will be directly involved in activities and events designed to promote the importance of protecting the sea and publicize the research activities carried out by the CNR. As part of the engagement for this venture, a Joint Committee has been set up (with two representatives from the CNR and two from Costa) in charge of defining and coordinating actions to continue the collaboration and develop new projects.
The distinctive feature of the CNR’s work is the way it combines scientific and technological excellence with a decidedly interdisciplinary approach and enhances opportunities for exchange with other organizations, universities, institutions, companies and community stakeholders. Accordingly, we’re delighted to be embarking with Costa on this adventure based on joint research, academic expertise and scientific dissemination Enrico Brugnoli, Director of the CNR’s Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technology
Raising the awareness of our guests to the need to safeguard the environment, especially the marine environment, is an integral part of our commitment. Together with the CNR we will work to sensitize people to the importance of respecting the balance of nature and to share opportunities arising from the use of innovative technologies aimed at marine environmental protection Stefania Lallai, Costa Cruises Sustainability & External Relations Director
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