One of the promoters of the initiative, Costa was yet again one step ahead and - together with other major businesses (Bulgari, Fater, ENEL, Novamont, Intesa Sanpaolo, Ferragamo and Eataly) - was one of the signatories to the MANIFESTO for the Circular Economy, which was endorsed by one leading Italian enterprise (operating internationally) in each of the industries represented. For a company like Costa, which has been strongly committed to the circular economy for some time now, it's important to create a model of excellence on board of the ships enabling the transfer of value shoreside as well, thanks to activities carried out jointly with the main stakeholders in this area, namely ports and consortiums. A concrete example of this is waste management: on board the ships we carry out 100% waste separation with preparation of the different materials collected so that they're already ready for unloading in port and consignment to shoreside waste contractors for recycling. The partnership with CIAL (Italy’s National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminum) and the Savona Port Authority brings benefits both environmentally and socially. Thanks to the Manifesto and the joint efforts with some of the other signatories, Costa will be able to carry out similar sustainability projects for the recycling of plastic and glass.

The document was signed in Rome on November 29, 2017 and the Manifesto represents a new departure and an opportunity to boost a range of alliances between the companies involved; this will have a positive effect in terms of innovation, competitiveness and environmental performance while strengthening Italy's positioning in global markets.

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