The sea is Costa’s lifeblood: a natural element that is a source of life, wellbeing and inspiration. The oceans produce half of the Earth’s oxygen, regulate the climate and provide sustenance for millions of people around the world. Our very survival depends on the health of the oceans. For this reason we take part in the Operation Oceans Alive project and observe June 8, World Oceans Day, an annual celebration intended to remind everyone of the need to protect and conserve the world’s oceans and their biodiversity.

Costa’s daily commitment in this direction includes minimizing its impact on the marine environment by means of prevention activities for marine operations and through scientific research support programs conducted side-by-side with authoritative partners. However, today more than ever, the real global emergency – and one that is inextricably linked to the state of the world’s oceans – is plastic pollution.

Therefore, Costa is actively engaged in efforts to reduce the use of plastic products both on board its ships and shoreside. This engagement is translated into concerted, tangible action such as the replacement of the most common single-use plastic items with innovative alternatives made of materials like Mater-Bi. In keeping with the Company’s drive towards a more circular economy, 22.48% of total plastic used on board – not counting plastic recovered directly for reuse in shipboard activities – is disembarked and recycled.

Love of the sea is part of Costa Cruises’ routine every day of the year and the future of the world’s oceans is our future. Happy World Oceans Day!