Stakeholders and material issues

Sustainable company growth is closely linked to the ability to recognize and interpret changes in the market and in society. In this context, enhancement of dialogue with stakeholders enables us both to identify those changes and new challenges posed by the industry and to share expectations and priorities.

This ongoing exchange with key stakeholders, together with the commitment to the goals and objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, allows us to determine the most important sustainability questions – the so-called material issues – and assess how best to incorporate them in the business, with a long-term approach.

Stakeholder's map



Other governance topics

Sustainability and Governance

Sustainability is an integral part of Costa Cruises’ corporate culture. The principle underlying the company’s strategic approach to sustainability is the awareness that our role goes beyond simply...

Sustainable development

The specificity of Costa Cruises’ business means it faces a number of challenges related to environmental sustainability and the global socio-economic landscape. To prevent and manage risks, Costa has adopted an integrated model...

Diversity & inclusion

Costa Cruises’ human capital is characterized by its rich diversity in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism and skills. Empowerment of our people is a key policy of the Company, which aims to capitalize on the commitment...


Costa Cruises manages its resources and the different forms of capital at its disposal ethically and responsibly, thereby stimulating a distinctive approach to business that is a model of excellence...

Ethics & Compliance and Safety

In Costa Cruises we draw inspiration from the principles of fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity. Costa’s ethical principles, contained in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of Carnival Corporation...