For Costa, guaranteeing safety ashore, on board and throughout the voyage (including embarkation and disembarkation of guests) is a vital part of responsible business management.


To prevent any potential risk

We do our utmost to foster an across-the-board safety-centric corporate culture in order to prevent any potential risk and help ensure that safety is of the utmost concern to the cruise industry as a whole.

The Company goes beyond mere compliance with reference standards and regulations and also acts in accordance with the guidelines laid down by Carnival Corporation & plc. The relevant procedures are implemented using an integrated approach and are always in line with the key reference policy, namely the Corporate (Health, Environment, Safety & Security) HESS Policy. Costa Cruises’ Safety Management System (SMS) ensures that occupational safety is an integral part of its managerial processes with harmonization between the Corporation’s practices and procedures, regulatory requirements and the OSHAS 18001 standard.

Other governance topics

Sustainability governace

For Costa Cruises sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. The principle underlying our strategic approach to sustainability is the awareness that our role goes beyond simply taking tourists from place to place to create wealth.

Sustainable development

The United Nations 2030 Agenda and the associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have put center stage once more social issues and the role of enterprise

Stakeholders and material issues

Sustainable company growth is closely linked to the ability to recognize and interpret changes in the market and in society.

Diversity & inclusion

Costa Cruises’ human capital is characterized by its rich diversity in terms of professionalism, multiculturalism and skills.


Costa Cruises manages its resources and the different forms of capital at its disposal ethically and responsibly, thereby stimulating a distinctive approach to business that is a model of excellence generating economic and social benefits throughout the value chain.

Ethics & Compliance

Costa Cruises’ determination to operate ethically and transparently is a pillar of our model of sustainable development and creation of value.