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SEA | Safeguarding the Environment

Contributing to the preservation of the environment in general and the marine environment in particular is one of our top priorities.

YOU | Creating value

We take many thousands of tourists to the finest destinations all over the world and show them splendid cultural attractions and natural scenery

TOMORROW | Innovating responsibly

Cutting-edge R&D, innovation and a long-term vision for the complete integration of sustainability are the cornerstones of our approach.


LNG in port: innovation and responsibility
On January 23, Costa held a public meeting in Savona in collaboration with the local Municipality and the Western Ligurian Maritime Authority...


Close to local communities
Emergency food assistance for those local communities most in need and supplies of Personal Protective Equipment for doctors and nurses...


Our first 100 Food Gardens in Africa: together with the Slow Food Foundation
Appreciating the value of food while returning food resources...

The Sustainability Report

In Costa Cruises we promote a business model oriented towards sustainable development and the creation of value.


Costa Cruises has a dedicated Sustainability team: get in touch (see below) if you have any ideas, suggestions or queries.