When we stop on Ushuaia, the large island off the tip of the Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, we are in the world's southernmost inhabited city which overlooks the Beagle Channel. Costa cruises in South America takes you on a trip to Ushuaia to discover the Tierra del Fuego. 

The city is home to the Museo del Fin del Mundo, which traces the history of this remote, wild and unspoiled land. The picturesque colourful wooden houses of Corso St. Martin and the fishermen's boats moored in the harbour are framed by the surrounding mountains of the Tierra del Fuego park. A cruise to Ushuaia will offer the opportunity to take a hike on the trails criss-crossing the area of the park open to the public and to admire the majesty of nature. The large penguin colonies that flock to the shores of Isla Grande are another excellent reason for taking a trip to Ushuaia. If you want to go further south, the port of Ushuaia is a great base from which to set off for Cape Horn. Take advantage of this stop at the port of Ushuaia to discover the unusual charm and the spectacular nature of the southernmost city in the world. 


During the stopover you will have the opportunity to visit:

• Torres del Paine National Park 

• Tierra del Fuego National Park 

• Perito Moreno

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