Tokyo is the most modern and cutting-edge city in Japan and, to a Westerner, a real blend of emotions that are often difficult to understand. It is impossible to sum up the allure of Tokyo in a few lines. Totally reconstructed after extensive bombing in World War II, it now has the aspect of a modern, avant-garde city. 

The capital of Japan is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, which literally bombards the senses with light and colour with its signs and screens displayed wall to wall around the city.

It is interesting to try to work out things like plinko, the major quiz show on TV, or cosplay, men dressed up as heroes of manga. On your voyage in the Far East, there’s an experience you must try once, tasting the puffer fish. This is the most poisonous fish in the world, which must be filleted with exceptional skill, only mastered by Japanese chefs, so as not to prove fatal!

Perhaps when you stand and observe the flow of people at the intersection of Shibuya, the busiest in the world, you can understand a little more about these people who are addicted to work and maniacs for neatness, but who always uphold the ancient traditions based on justice and on the honour system.