St. Lucia

St. The island of Saint Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean is striking with its pair of dramatically tapered mountains, the Pitons. Saint Lucia, in the West Indies, is a true paradise for those who enjoy sporting activities, hiking in the tropical rainforest or just relaxing. 

Dubbed the ‘Helen of the West Indies’, Saint Lucia is a beautiful island, and one of the main ports in the region, with an area reserved exclusively for cruise ships. The stop in the port of Saint Lucia is particularly popular with sports enthusiasts, who can enjoy water sports or hiking in the hills which are almost entirely covered by rainforest. Here you can admire a beautiful and varied flora and fauna. However, the beaches of Saint Lucia are a delight for those who enjoy doing nothing.


Not to be missed:

• The paradise of Marigot Bay

• The sulphur springs of La Soufrière

• Pigeon Island Beach

Unmissable shore excursions

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