Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is a true paradise in the Caribbean, with its white sand, palm trees and turquoise sea. Santo Domingo expresses all the charm of the Dominican Republic. It is a beautiful and charming capital that we will visit on our Costa excursion.

Santo Domingo offers unforgettable holidays with its landscapes and rich historical heritage. Take advantage of the stop at the port of Santo Domingo for a tour around the city's colonial quarter. The stone-paved alleys and buildings typical of that period will take you back in time. Visit the Amber World Museum to admire the natural jewels and the Museum of the Royal Houses, which exhibits precious artefacts. Explore the National Botanical Gardens and the forts surrounding it before continuing your cruise.


Not to miss during your trip to Santo Domingo:

• Safari adventure and beach

• Half a day at Boca Chica beach

• River rafting

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