Nestled in the English Channel, the island is magical and romantic.

Administratively it depends of the British Crown; but although it is not part of the United Kingdom, the atmosphere of Guernsey is decidedly British.

The island coast has nearly 30 bays, all very different from each other: some with long and famous stretches of sand, others with hidden, craggy coves. The beautiful south coast, which you can enjoy during your cruise holiday, is flanked by breath-taking cliffs which you can explore on foot.

This tiny island encompasses many other pearls, which await more curious visitors: Hilly Saint Peter Port, with its cobbled streets, is one of the most beautiful European port cities; Castle Cornet, the fortress that protects the port, and the eccentric design of Hauteville House was created by the owner: Victor Hugo! Many museums on the island. 

Not to be missed:

• Hilly Saint Peter Port

• Castle Cornet  

• Hauteville House