Reggio Calabria

The port of Reggio Calabria in the Mediterranean now greets our Costa cruise ships as it once welcomed Greek vessels. This is the home of the famous Riace bronzes.

Reggio Calabria is known throughout the world for the discovery of the Riace bronzes. The port of Reggio Calabria overlooks the eastern shore of the Strait of Messina and from here you can explore the many sites and monuments around the city, including the National Archaeological Museum packed with beautiful artefacts and the Civic Pinacotheca art gallery. You will be captivated by the views from the Arena dello Stretto, the most beautiful seafront promenade in Italy. You will also be able to indulge your taste buds with some delicious sweet treats.


Not to be missed:

• Riace Bronzes

• Capo Vaticano beach

• Sila National Park