Praia Da Vitoria

Charm and mystery of the Azores: the rugged beauty derived from its volcanic origin, the isolated location in the heart of the Atlantic. Praia de Mar, a stopover on our cruise, greets us in the wide bay on the north east coast of Isla Terceira in the eastern part of the archipelago.

A centre of the first colonial settlements, Praia ceded the title of capital in 1476 to the nearby Angra. However, it has been rebuilt in recent times, taking the role of the most important stop-off away from the island of Terceira, with a new and extensive tourist and commercial port where our excursion begins.
Praia can boast a long white beach overlooking the Atlantic, popular with windsurfers for its constant ocean breezes. A sense of sleek modernity and an old town full of military, civil and religious buildings from various eras live in harmony in the city, topped off by the massive bell towers of the Igreja Matriz. Here and elsewhere, you notice the renovations following the damaged suffered in the earthquake of 1980. Narrow streets and colourful houses, with traditional sash windows, are another attraction in this welcoming town.
Not to be missed:

  • Igreja Matriz de Santa Cruz, an imposing three-nave 15th century church

  • The Paços do Concelho with Statue of Liberty

  • Tourada à corda, typical Azorean bullfight, the oldest local pasttime