The island of Elba is a surprising place you can discover thanks to a stop at the port of Portoferraio during your Costa Cruise to the Mediterranean.

The port of the Island of Elba, off the coast of Livorno, Italy, has kept its authentic and welcoming atmosphere. Its name apparently derives from the cliffs that overlook it, and the Argonauts are said to have passed by here. Every corner of the old town of Portoferraio encompasses historical jewels such as the Church of the Misericordia. Its narrow streets also give it a magical atmosphere. You can also make a stop at the Villa dei Mulini where Napoleon once lived. As such, this stop in Portoferraio will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Not to be missed:

• The Napoleonic Villa dei Mulini

• The view from Forte Falcone

• Medicean ramparts

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