Pitcairn Island is a true paradise in the heart of the Pacific Ocean: it will be a memorable stopover of your world tour. 

The history of the island is very obscure and intriguing: first inhabited by Polynesians, it was discovered in 1767 by a young British sailor of named Pitcairn. Due to an error in its positioning on the charts, it was then rediscovered by the famous explorer, Captain James Cook. The island returned to the headlines after the Mutiny on the Bounty, it was here that the mutineers hid to escape from recapture by the British Crown. 

Pitcairn is still a British overseas dominion with very few inhabitants who all stem from the same four original families. It is anticipated that the island will be uninhabited by 2045.

Not to be missed:

• Pitcairn Island marine reserve

• Bird watching