Phu Quoc

Phú Quốc is an island in Vietnam off the coast of Cambodia, lapped by the waves of the Gulf of Thailand.

On Phu Quoc the holiday combines relaxation and adventure in a beautiful setting of white beaches or dense tropical jungle. During your cruise in the Far East, you will stop in Phú Quốc a crossroads of shores, preserved from the excesses of tourism thanks to the protected National Park which covers half of the island. Beach lovers will find the emerald sea of their dreams on the south west coast; on this stage of the cruise, you can reserve a shore excursion to one of 28 islands that make up the Phu Quoc district, for the most part uninhabited, or a tour to the heart of the park to experience the mountains, dense tropical jungle and wildlife.


Not to be missed:

• Day and night markets in the capital Duong Dong

• Fish sauce, the first Vietnamese product to obtain the DOP certification from the EU

• The island of Hon Xuong, known as Robinson Crusoe Island