New Mangalore

India is a spectacular country where everything takes on a deeper meaning. On our Indian Ocean cruise, you'll stop off in New Mangalore, where you can visit various temples and sacred sites.

The New Mangalore port is located on the southern coast of India. It is the ninth largest port in the country in terms of traffic. Surrounded by palm trees of all kinds, by undulating and verdant Sahyadri mountains and beautiful rivers flowing into the Arabian Sea, the port offers travellers the sense of escapism they’re seeking. Enjoy a stop at New Mangalore to visit the incredible Jain Temple or to discover Udupi and its temple of Lord Krishna. You can take a walk around Mangalore to admire its picturesque houses. 


Not to be missed: 

• The famous Jain temple 

• The visit of Shri Shiva in Kadri Manjunatha 

• The divine sanctuary, Udupi