Miyakojima is the largest island of Miyako and part of the vast Ryukyu archipelago we sail through during our Japanese cruise.

Miyakojima is an important tourist destination due to its natural beauty. In particular, the Eastern Cape is a natural monument known for its scenic beauty. Miyakojima is connected to the islands of Ikemajima and Kurimajima through a series of bridges. Among the various beaches are those of Yonaha-maehama and Sunayama, characterised by lush vegetation. The particularly clear water guarantees impressive dives in the reef. Savour the local dish, soba, delicious buckwheat noodles in broth. And if you drink Awamori, a kind of rice spirit, remember that it is customary to drink it in company.

Not to be missed:

• Eastern Cape of Miyakojima

• The beaches of Yonaha maehama and Sunayama

• Awamori